Chad Kroeger

Nickelback: Canada’s Premier Rock Band

One of Canada’s best-known rock bands, Nickelback burst onto the scene in the mid-1990s. They have since produced nine full-length albums, all of which have been major commercial successes.
In 2009, Nickelback was named ‘Band of the Decade’ by Billboard magazine. The popular band is currently composed of Chad Kroeger on lead vocals and guitar, Ryan Peake on guitar and keyboards, Mike Kroeger on bass guitar, and Daniel Adair on drums.

The ultimate resource for Nickelback fans, this blog will provide readers with frequently updated information about the band, including all their latest news and all upcoming shows and performances.

How Telling Stores Help Refugees Learn English

5 Feb 2020

Before coming to the UK, many refugees don't know a word in English. But thanks to many social integration programs that teach them English, those refugees can now engage in basic conversations, and even more. By learning how to tell stories, these refugees have improved their English fast.

How You Can Volunteer to Help Refugees

3 Jan 2020

Refugee integration is a burning topic that we often come across in newspapers and the news. As a caring citizen, you can do something to help. There are various volunteer programs that you can join to help distribute donated clothes, food, and other things to refugees in need.