"I’ve seen with my own eyes that anyone’s life can be turned upside down overnight; that expressing an opinion can be enough to make life unliveable in the place you call home, and eventually force you to leave it. So when I was told about the project, I had to be involved. Getting to know Ayman has been fantastic."

Celebrated artist/producer Kindness (Adam Bainbridge), started releasing music in 2009, and has since worked with a variety of artists across the musical spectrum, including friends Blood Orange, Robyn and Solange Knowles.

Bainbridge used to be a British Red Cross refugee services volunteer. His mother also worked to reunite families separated by war or migration. These experiences meant that he was familiar with the complexities facing asylum seekers in the UK. He therefore approached the Red Cross when he first heard about the project.

His involvement was an ambitious and bold departure from his usual work, producing a track telling the story of Scottish-based Ayman, a Syrian refugee. Bainbridge met Ayman to hear about his life as a businessman in the Syrian capital Damascus, before he was forced to flee after taking part in peaceful demonstrations.

"The more you see, the more you realise that these are everyday stories with everyday families who have experienced something awful. It means the only choice they have is to look for safety somewhere else." Ayman

Bainbridge drew on his previous knowledge and inspiration from Ayman. He wrote a track that looks retrospectively at ‘home’ in Syria, the things that Ayman misses about the country and the incredible challenge of knowing your friends and family are in danger.