Scroobius Pip

Scroobius Pip
"The point of this is that more people hear these stories, let’s get these stories out there and increase understanding of the plight of refugees." Scroobius Pip

One of the world’s most celebrated and renowned modern poets, Scroobius Pip has been talking candidly about important issues for over a decade.

Pip met UK-based refugee Ramelle, who was helped by the British Red Cross after experiencing destitution in the UK. Pip interviewed Ramelle, originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, for his weekly podcast. He invited her to share her story of persecution in her homeland and seven years of living in poverty.

"I am your next door neighbour and my story could have been your story. I could have been you and you could have been me." Ramelle

Pip was struck by the loss of identity Ramelle suffered. She described a constant need to justify her existence during her journey and whilst trying to establish a life for herself in the UK. It was these themes that formed the spine of his writing.

Pip partnered with Congolese artist Didier Kisala to create an emotive piece that documents Ramelle’s journey, challenges, and her contribution to life in the UK. Pip’s straight-talking style and musical empathy made this track entirely unique.